WE ARE cheeky

Cheeky Est.21 are a Sydney based duo that have grown up together and always stayed connected through the joy of catching up for a cheeky drink or two.

Although times have changed, the love for a social drink remains and ordering a cocktail to start the night is absolutely a non-negotiable!! Regardless of the event or celebration (if any) , there is no better feeling than a cheers and a clink to lock in the good times ahead.

Like everyone, they were unable to share drinks and good times face to face like they used to. Over this time, the cheeky boys got creative in staying in touch and drinking together which saw weekly Zoom sessions that went into the early hours of the morning. The duo would send alcohol to all of their friends to be made and shared over zoom calls every weekend. From there it was clear that cocktail gift giving was a way of sharing good times with others, and a way to be creative at home. 

The idea for Cheeky Est.21 begun like every good idea, a few hours into these drinking sessions. What they realized is they were doing something universal that should be enjoyed by everyone! With that in mind, they would like to share with you their collection of easy to make homemade cocktails for everyone to enjoy!